Friday, October 29, 2004


Halloween 2004

Halloween came early to the Brookston family this year. Porter's pre-school had their Halloween Parade today. We got Porter two costumes and felt we'd be lucky if he wore one for a few minutes. He surprised us by bowing to peer pressure and keeping his on all day. Here he is in his Thomas the Tank Engine costume:

And here's our little ladybug, Alice:

And here's Sarah and the kiddles:

The other costume we got for Porter was put to good use by one of Porter's classmates who forgot her costume. But then we got the shock of the day. After she took it off, Porter actually begged us to put it on him! Believe or not, he kept it on the rest of the day even napping in it and going to the mall in it before finally taking it off around 6:30 in the evening! So here's Porter in his other costume:

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