Tuesday, November 09, 2004


A Red-Letter Day!

OK, all the experts say you should only encourage using the potty, never force it and keep it fun. But without language it becomes more difficult to communicate the concept of using the toilet. So we bought the potty, encouraged, watched videos (oh those potty songs), talked about using it, and demonstrated using it (watch my aim!). So over the weekend we picked up another kind of potty, the kind that fits over your existing bowl so it becomes toddler size. Last night, for the second time in as many evenings, Porter grabbed a particular Thomas book, A Crack in the Track, and sat down. Coincidence? Who knows, but last night after thinking progess would be painfully slow we heard a distinct plop. Then we heard it again. Success! Too graphic an account? Be glad I didn't take pictures. Here's the reading material.

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