Monday, January 24, 2005


A New Triptych

Working in a new medium of water color paints, Porter's newest work is an abstract triptych in bold colors. Several techniques were employed including bold brush strokes, sponging, using his fingers and dripping drops of paint directly onto the canvas. Note the bright blue in the left panel contrasted with the morose dark greens and violent blood reds of the right panel. A strong yellow sun shines down from the top middle onto a chaotic third panel where the forces of dark and light mix uneasily symbolizing man's struggle to remain human amidst the opposing dualities of the optimism of man's potential for good against the practical violence (signified by the red) and greed (signified by the green) that forms the predominant state of our post-millennial society today. The goodness of humanity is symbolized by rounded peaceful blue shapes where reason prevails. The red of the right panel (note the positioning to the far right) denotes those pockets of our country where reason no longer prevails and has been overshadowed by money, greed and corruption as illustrated by the green's near covering of the red blood of a corrupted people so confused by their own greed and so naively accepting of the lies told to them that they would vote themselves out of existence. Certainly this is Porter's most mature work to date.

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