Friday, January 14, 2005


A Visit From Porter's Teacher

Porter's teacher, Micki, came by the house this afternoon to talk about Porter's progress and make suggestions for extracurricular activities that might be beneficial to his development. She gave us some things to work on with him and also gave us the names of some language and behavioral specialists who offer tutoring and/or other related services which may supplement his daytime schooling.

Overall, she seemed very pleased by his rapid progress in certain areas. Apparently he's ahead of his peers on knowing his color and shapes, for example. She hopes that by spring he may actually be able to move to a more advanced class, assuming his progress continues at its current pace. After having Porter in her class for about a month, she's beginning to believe that Porter may be closer to PDD-NOS, which is the mildest classification on the autistic spectrum disorders. This may or may not be good news since the important thing is that he catch up to his peers by the time kindergarten starts. As long as he keeps making progress, then it's a very good thing.

This week, he's started using yes appropriately and seems to be really enjoying getting what he wants by saying yes. It sure is a relief to not hear a constant stream of no's.

Porter and his teacher, Micki

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