Thursday, February 24, 2005


My Turn

My overdosing on vitamin C and zinc notwithstanding, about 2 a.m. last night I got some of the worst chills I've ever experienced and crawled into the sick bed in the back of the house, displacing Sarah, who had been sleeping there. My fever broke a few hours later and now I'm just feeling crappy with a very sore throat (I can barely talk - which likely comes as good news to many people), a deep, gutteral cough, muscle aches all over and the requisite headache.

On a lighter note, Porter's Grandpa came to pick him up this morning and, according to Sarah, he was literally jumping up and down with joy to get out of the house. He pulled off his pants and ran upstairs to pick out new clothes to go out in. He's just going to his grandparents' house to watch TV and play inside there (though he was angling for another train ride on CalTrans) but just a change of scenery will probably do him a lot of good.

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