Thursday, March 24, 2005


Bouncing Ben

After the funeral, we spent a pleasant hour or so with my Grandmother's sister Ann, her daughter Debbie and her husband, Seldon before they headed back to New Jersey. Then we began the task of cleaning out the house and getting it ready to list for sale. One of the neighbors had a real estate agent they suggested and it turned out he was the older brother of a very good friend from high school, who I've kept in somewhat spotty but consistent contact with over the years. After meeting with him, we set upon the task of staging thr house so it would be more presentable for the potential buyer. We cleaned out most of the closets, furniture drawers, and the endless knick knacks so the house looked less cluttered and roomy. Up in the attic, however, we struck gold as I found the long lost Bouncing Ben, a toy from when I was an infant, which makes it something like 45 years old.

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Porter goes for a workout ride.

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Alice's ride it much more tentative and more like a leisurely walk.

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