Friday, March 25, 2005


The Mohnton Navy Yard

My cousins opened a restaurant in Mohnton almost seven years ago. They serve wood-fired pizza and all manner of hoagies and yummy cheesesteaks. But the real genius, in my opinion, was the name they chose: The Mohnton Navy Yard. It would have been impossible to not have heard about the Mohnton Navy Yard if you grew up in the area. As famous as it was mysterious, people mentioned it all the time but no one seemed to know what it was. Was it a joke? A World War 2 reference? Did it really exist? Well, yes there really was a Mohnton Navy Yard, and it was jokingly called that almost from the beginning but its original name was Lake Valmont, a seven acre man-made lake that was built to accomodate boating in the summer and skating in the winter. Read the history of the lake here. But regardless of its true history, it's a brillant name for a restaurant, situated as it is on the original site of the lake. And the T-shirts are cool, too.

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The original Mohnton Navy Yard, Lake Valmont.

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