Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The Strasburg Railroad

Before we left California, we promised Porter that if he behaved himself on the plane that we'd take him on a train ride in Pennsylvania. We didn't really expect it to have any effect and we'd didn't even think he'd remember it once we got to Dutch Wonderland. Silly us. From pretty much the moment we woke up Porter after we landed, he began saying "go ride train?" or variations on that theme. Over and over again. And over again. Since the funeral wasn't until Thursday, we decided for our sanity to take Porter to the Strasburg Railroad on Wednesday.

Only about 45 minutes from Reading, the Strasburg Railroad is a pretty cool short-line old steam engine that takes an hour train ride around Amish Country in Lancaster County. Even though it rained on Wednesday, Porter still had a great time.

This is what the train looks like on a nice day.

This is what it looks like in the pouring rain when we were there.

Image hosted by

Porter on the train.

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Porter, just after handing our tickets to the conductor. He was very excited to give the conductor the tickets.

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