Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Autism News

April is National Autism Awareness Month

California Cases Declining

According to information released Monday, April 11, by the California Department of Developmental Services, the First Quarter of 2005 (1/4/05 to 4/4/05) produced the smallest number of new cases of professionally diagnosed DSM IV full syndrome autism of any first quarter reporting period since the year 2001. (736 new cases.) California's autism epidemic is the fastest growing disability in California's system. Today, California is adding on average eight new children a day, seven days a week, with professionally diagnosed DSM IV full syndrome autism to its system. 80%, or 8 out of 10, of all persons with autism in California's system are between the ages of 3 and 17 years old. The staggering tidal wave of young children is unique to the autism population and is not evident in any other eligible disability except autism.

Controversial New Book About the Mercury/Autism Link

A new book by David Kirby, entitled Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy. The book has not yet been published, but the introduction, resource list, and other information about it are on the book's website.
According to the website, the book discusses the following:

Evidence of Harm explores both sides of this controversy, which has pitted families and their allies against the federal government, public health agencies, and powerful pharmaceutical giants. It examines:
  • Story of Thimerosal: a mercury-based additive approved by the FDA in the 1930’s as a vaccine preservative and never subsequently tested by the Agency
  • Increase in reported autism cases and apparent parallel to the increase in number and frequency of Thimerosal-containing vaccinations
  • Private meeting at which FDA, CDC, medical and pharmaceutical company representatives discussed data on neurological childhood disorders related to mercury in vaccines
  • Mysterious rider to the 2002 Homeland Security bill which would free drug companies of liability in lawsuits regarding Thimerosal
  • State and federal lawsuits filed by families against the drug makers seeking compensation for the lifelong care of their ill children
  • New biological research indicating a link between exposure and neurological disorders

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