Friday, April 22, 2005


The O.T.: In the Pink

No, not the hit tv show, the O.C., this is O.T., or Occupational Therapy. Porter had his first session Friday aftrnoon with a therapist who specializes in Sensory Integration issues, which we strongly believe Porter has in spades. She worked with him for about an hour putting him through an indoor obstacle course of sorts to determine what his specific issues were and how best to teach him to integrate them more easily. There was one exercise in particular that Porter was drawn to like a duck to water: the spandex/lycra fabric chair/plaything suspended from the ceiling by three hooks. The therapist will be giving us her evaluation early next week and he'll be meeting with her every Friday.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Left: Porter getting into the pink wonder. Right: Porter pushing around in the pink.

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