Monday, April 11, 2005


Outside the Preserve

We discovered a number of websites while doing research for our trip that monitor the wildflowers areas and report on where the good spots are. There was a wealth of information at these sites and we followed a few of their suggestions to view the wildflowers outside the state park.

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Along 110th Street between Avenue J and Avenue K.

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Along 140th Street, north of Avenue D (Route 138).

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Along 150th Street, north of Avenue D (Route 138). Sarah in a grove of Joshua Trees. This was probably the highlight of the trip. Along the street is a fairly large grove of Joshua Trees surrounded by goldfields, which make it look like a carpet of yellow. At other times of the year, I imagine this place is just a dump, because there is trash dumped all over the place from refrigerators and sofas to shotgun shell casings. Luckily, the goldfields cover most of the trash. The place feels like nature's cathedral and it had an otherworldy feel to it. It was just breathtaking.

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A hill of yellow and purple along Route 58 on our way to the Road to Nowhere.

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