Thursday, April 14, 2005


Second Trip to the Dentist

Porter had his second trip to the dentist this afternoon. The first visit, about six months ago, didn't go so well. Not only did he kick and scream about it, we also discovered his jaw was misaligned most likely due to the binky pacifier. He's been off the pacificer since that first visit and we've been brushing his teeth and flossing for the past six month so we were hopeful there would be good news this trip but we still weren't hopeful that his behavior would be improved.

Turns out he had no cavities and his teeth were so clean that the dentist didn't even need to do a teeth cleaning there. The jaw is still misaligned but there has been some improvement as his notes indicate six months ago his front teeth on the top and bottom couldn't meet when he closed his mouth whereas now they can, which is great news. And although Porter was clearly not happy about it, he did let the dentist examine his teeth with only a minimum of fussing. All in all, a great result.

These are the stickers Porter got at the dentist today.

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