Saturday, May 28, 2005


Bi-Birthday Bash

Our friends John and Sarah "Shmare" share a birthday (May 31) and have been hosting joint birthday parties for the last fifteen years. This year's was at John and Zenobia's house in San Jose. We were looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends from when we lived in the South Bay and especially for Porter to have another chance to play with Henry and John. It was another big day for the kids (and us) and everyone had a great time.

Porter was reunited with his new best friend John as they ate hot dogs.

This year's party included a goofy hat contest ....

Judged by the hosts and co-birthdays John and Shmare.

John and Porter found a Lincoln Log train in the playroom.

While outside Alice and I made the rounds with old friends.

Nikki snuggles with Alice.

Alice was fascinated by Dom and Jen's new son Ethan, who's about two months younger than her.

Meanwhile Porter stayed inside playing trains and could not be coaxed outside.

Another traditional feature of the bi-birthday are Jell-O shots, this year's provided by Christi, John and Henry's mom.

Sarah keeps her cake away from Alice as she tries to wriggle out of the Maya wrap.

Finally it was time to reluctantly to say goodbye. The only way we could get Porter to leave behind one of Samira's toys was to trade for some flowers to give to Grandma and Grandpa. Much of the ride home was given to debate over which flower was for Grandma and which for Grandpa.

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