Saturday, May 21, 2005


Pixie Fair to Poor

A local park, the Pixie Park, hosts an annual fair for kids known as the Pixie Fair. Last year, Porter had a great time so we were eargerly anticipating taking him again this spring. He's been doing so much better over the past few months that we were not prepared for what happened today. As soon as we arrived, Porter seemed overwhelmed by the crowd. We thought he might need some time to adjust so we let him lead to see where he'd take us and figured he'd settle down eventually. But he never quite got his sea legs, so to speak. The entire time we were there it was a struggle and many of his early autism signals returned. He would not make eye contact, he became almost silent and withdrawn and he didn't want to do any of the fun things he'd enjoyed last year. We tried a few of the rides/events such as the Pixie Olympics and the Carrot Toss but invariably he seemed unhappy the whole time. Even the train ride didn't perk him up. We cut short the day and returned to the safer haven of home.

Porter after coming through the tunnel.

Petting one of the rabbits in the petting zoo.

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