Thursday, May 26, 2005


Pizza Party

After Sarah got home and her parents dropped off Alice, we started the pizza party. Our local pizza place sells the ready made crusts so all you have to do is put on the sauce, cheese and toppings and you've made your own pizza. Porter loves to do this so we though we'd try it with all three boys. John and Porter took charge of sauce and cheese while Henry carefully applied the topping, most notably the even spacing of pepperoni. The boys made a cheese pizza and a pepperoni for themselves. Sarah and Christi made a wimpy mushroom and olive concoction while Pat and I made pure bliss: a canadian bacon and bacon pizza. That's right, actual bacon pieces and canadian bacon. It took deliciousness to new heights.

First sauce is applied to the dough.

Then cheese and toppings.

Then there's the most important step: eating the pizza.

Eventually the boys tired out from their busy day and we had to call it a night. We were sad to see everyone go, it was such a fun day. Even Alice was sad as she waved goodbye as I walked them to their car.

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