Thursday, May 26, 2005


A Stirring Stirrat Visit

Our dear friends Pat and Christi and their twin boys, Henry and John, came for a visit today. They live near Seattle these days, but we've known them for years when they lived down here in the Bay Area. Henry and John are about six months younger than Porter so we decided to meet at the Bay Area Discovery Museum thinking the three of them would all enjoy it. Boy were we right. They had a fabulous time and after some initial exploring by Henry and John, all three played together throughout the day. It was great fun to watch. They only managed to visit less than half the things there are to do there, but that leaves plenty of new stuff to do on their next visit.

First up was a trip to Porter's current favorite site, the construction zone.

Then a climb to the crows nest and a look around the park.

Porter got along with both Henry and John, but John and Porter's temperaments seemed to match each other pretty closely and they were always running off together. Here they're making a mad dash onto the boat.

No trip to the museum is complete without a wet, wild ride down the stream with your very own fish.

John obscures his brother as Pat and the boys enjoy the undersea waterbed.

Last stop, of course, was the train room.

Back at the house, the boys relax watching Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

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