Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Chicken Dinosaurs

For reason we don't fully understand, a few weeks ago we finally got Porter to eat chicken nuggets by calling them dinosaurs. But he also seems to have figured out that they're chicken, because today he asked to have "chicken dinosaurs" for lunch. Since we have no kitchen yet, and also because we had to go out this afternoon anyway for a hearing test, I took the kids to Wendy's, which was on the way to the hospital. I went through the take-out window and was going to eat in the parking lot, but Porter was most insistent that we eat "inside house," as he put it. So we went inside to eat our chicken dinosaurs and freedom fries.

Given all the recent evidence indicating that dinosaurs were most closely related to birds, perhaps Porter is onto something after all. We may not know what dinosaur meat would taste like but it now doesn't seem too far-fetched to say it would taste just like chicken.

Of course, Ketchup figured heavily in the meal.

After all, you need something to dip your fries in.

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