Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Number Nine, Number 9, No. 9, #9 ...

Okay, so it's not the Beatles' best song, but it is how many years Sarah and I have been married as of today, our 9th wedding anniversary. Since Sarah's been working crazy hours lately and won't be home until late this evening, I'm taking the ferry over to San Francisco where I'm meeting her for lunch at the Slanted Door, a Vietnamese restaurant that Sarah likes a lot.

The happy couple at the wedding reception, which was held at the Tied House Brewpub in San Jose, California.

No wedding album is complete without a brewery photo. For those of you who like bizarre, Twilight Zone-like coincidences, please note the numbers on the bottom left of the photo: 910, 9/10 or September 10th, which is Porter's birthday. Cue creepy music.

The whole gang at the wedding. My, how we've changed.

Happy anniversary!
Congratulations, and many happy returns! Love you, guys.
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