Thursday, October 28, 2004


New School Visit

This morning we visited the school and classroom Porter will likely be in once we complete his IEP on November 17th. We were mostly pretty impressed with everything we saw. Class size seems fairly small with only about 8 students and one main teacher and two assistants. They'll emphasize language and socialization in every aspect of his school experience. Plus they'll have regular one-on-one language therapy 3 times a week, gross and fine motor skills classes (basically P.E. for toddlers with a changing obstacle course), and outdoor time with opportunities to interact with NT (neuro-typical - the more correct medical term for normal) which will help reinforce positive social interaction. Now we're in waiting mode: waiting for the report, waiting for the IEP, and waiting for Porter to begin his new classes. I know I'm just being cranky again but now that we have some idea about what condition Porter has and what will help him most to overcome it, we have to wait another three weeks. It's torture knowing help is so close and being stuck in this kind of limbo.

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