Monday, December 20, 2004


New Guestmap

I just added a Guestmap. It's located on the left column, just below the local weather. Please click on the icon with the globe on it. That will open another window with a map on it. Click the zoom icon twice and zero in on where you live. Then click the "POST" button and click "OK" on the next popup. Then carefully click on the map exactly where you live. That will bring up another window where you'll type in your name, e-mail and website (if you have one). Comments is the most important one. Here, please type your name and where you live. Then choose a pushpin color and flag. Then click "SUBMIT" to add your location to the map. Move your cursor over the posted pushpins and you can see who and where everybody is. It would be cool to see where everybody is. Cheers.

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