Friday, February 18, 2005


Blogger Problems

Sorry everybody, I'm been having a problem with the java on my computer which has made it near impossible to post to this blog. Everytime I try, I get an error message saying it can't get the elements preview and previewbody, which then causes elements of the post window not to load so that I can't actually create a new post or edit an older one. At first I thought it was a Blogger problem, but it seems to be fine on other computers. Then I thought maybe it's my browser, Firefox (if you're not using it, you should be - open source and waaay cool), but the same problem occurs in Safari and other browsers. I talked to my cousin in Dutch Wonderland (he does mac repairs) and I tried re-installing java - no luck. Then I went to the extreme, guaranteed to fix it solution and upgraded to the Panther operating system (10.3.8). Even that didn't work. I'm stumped, frankly. Fortunately, I figured out a work around of sorts (that's how you're reading this now); using a Firefox extension called BlogThis!, which allows you to automatically blog a web page while you're at that page. It also has the added benefit of giving me a new window I can use to post. Unfortunately, I still can't edit any older posts, so my mistakes will remain to taunt me. Anyway, this still makes it a pain to post so you may see a few less posts until I get this sorted out.

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